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Neural Crest Stem Cells

Enteric Nervous System Regeneration with Pre-Migratory Neural Crest Stem Cells

Non-enteric neural crest stem cells may represent an alternative treatment option for enteric nervous system regeneration

Enhanced Cranial Bone Repair with Induced Neural Crest-derived Mesenchymal Progenitors

iNCC-derived mesenchymal progenitor cells may represent an exciting alternative to bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells as a component of cranial bone repair strategies

NCSCs in Tissue Regeneration

A recent review presents the recent developments regarding the derivation of NCSCs and their therapeutic application for tissue regeneration

iNCC‐MPCs Enhance Cranial Allograft Integration

A new study evaluates iNCC‐MPCs to revitalize decellularized allografts and enhance allograft integration

Enteric Neurons from Pre-migratory NCSCs

Pre-migratory NCSCs differentiate into enteric neurons and mediate neuron-dependent peristalsis

Neural Crest Stem Cell-like Cells in Melanoma

A new review article summarizes the experimental evidence for the re-emergence of neural crest stem cell (NCSC)‐like cells in melanoma

Stemness in the Neural Crest

A Concise Review discusses studies regarding how the cells of the neural crest maintain their stem cell potential from embryonic to adult stages

Neural Crest-like Cells from Human Dental Pulp

Results provide evidence for the improvement of neural crest‐like phenotypes by culturing human dental pulp cells (hDPCs) as 3D neurospheres

Adult Tissue-derived Neural Crest-like Stem Cells

Neural crest stem cells are multipotent, easy to isolate from adult tissues, and easy to expand, and a recent concise review from the labs of Pihu Mehrotra and Stelios T.

Lgr5 Marks the Spot for Adult Neural Crest Stem Cells

Researchers discover a source of therapeutically relevant adult neural crest stem cells in the oral mucosa based on the expression of Lgr5


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