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Lung Stem Cells

Tracheobronchial Stem Cell Attrition After Injury

A new study describes how injuries deplete the tracheobronchial tissue-specific stem cells pool, leading to compromised epithelial regeneration

Deciphering the Role of Lef-1 in Lung Basal Cells

A study describes the requirement of Lef-1 for proper airway basal cell function and reports the possibility of modulating Lef-1 function to improve lung-based regenerative medicine

Mesenchymal Niche Supports Alveolar Epithelial Stem Cells

A robust and reproducible flow cytometry strategy associated with the alveolosphere assay can characterize resident mesenchymal cells in the lung

Lef-1 Regulation of Airway Basal Cells

Lef‐1, an effector of Wnt signaling, is critical for airway basal cell progression through G1/S of the cell cycle and influences differentiation in vitro

Exploring the Roles of Resident Interstitial Lung Fibroblasts

A new review discusses the role of alveolar fibroblasts in murine development and fibrosis resolution, and human fibrotic lung disease

Lung Resident Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Lung‐resident MSCs are not only tissue‐resident, as revealed by their localization within the adventitia of lung blood vessels, but also tissue‐specific

Wnt/β‐catenin Signaling Controls Regeneration by Lung Progenitors

The field of regenerative lung biology lacks a general understanding of those mechanisms regulating lung progenitor behavior under conditions of homeostasis and chronic disease.

NOTCH Signaling in Irradiated Lung Stem Cells

Healthy lung tissue can be significantly damaged as a side-effect of lung cancer radiotherapy. While the inhibition of the NOTCH signaling pathway synergizes with radiotherapy and chemotherapy in preclinical models to reduce tumor growth, we lack information regarding the effect of NOTCH inhibition in irradiated normal lung tissue.

Lung Spheroid Cell Therapy for IPF

A new STEM CELLS Translational Medicine article from the laboratory of

BMP Signaling and Club Cell Regeneration

Markers for cub cells, airways stem cells that can self‐renew and differentiate into other cells, and the signaling pathways involved in their stem cell activities remain poorly understood.


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