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Bud-ding New Strategy for Organ Formation Shows Success!

Researchers combine multiple stem/progenitor types to generate miniature functional organ “buds” which may be useful in developmental and disease modelling, and in the future, tissue replacement.

iPSCs and CRISPR - Daring Duo Combine to Fight Sickle Cell Disease

Gene editing technology, combined with iPSC generation and a clinically relevant differentiation strategy combine to offer a new treatment for a blood borne genetic disease

Patient Specific Stem Cell-derived Platelets - Coming to a Clinic Near You?

Researchers take the first steps towards creating a clinically-relevant source of platelets from human induced pluripotent stem cells.

Long Term Success Brings Autologous iPSC-Derivatives Closer to the Clinic

For the first time, researchers demonstrate long term success of a cell replacement therapy using autologous induced pluripotent stem cell derivatives

iPSCs - Quick Stepping Towards the Clinic?

A new strategy to create patient specific induced pluripotent stem cells brings these cells closer to application in the clinic.

Boosting ESC Differentiation: Choose Your Expansion Medium Wisely

Researchers find that altering human ESC expansion medium can alter subsequent differentiation potential in a reversible manner

Could NG2 Provide a Break Through for Spinal Cord Injury?

Nerve glial antigen 2 expressing neural cells-derived from ESCs may allow for delayed spinal cord regeneration through the penetration of the protective glial scar

Rebuilding a Broken Heart with ESC-derived Purkinje cells

For the first time, researchers have demonstrated the differentiation of specialized heart cells which help to keep the heart beating in a normal fashion

Understanding the Intricacies of ESC Signaling

Researchers investigating signaling pathways which control pluripotency highlight newly found interactions and redundancies in mouse embryonic stem cells

Dental Stem Cells: An Intriguing Treatment for Corneal Blindness?

Researchers show that stem cells extracted from teeth may be useful in the treatment of blindness.


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