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Deciphering the Crucial Roles of Metabolites in the Regulation of Pluripotency

Researchers demonstrate that nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide supports the pluripotent state of human embryonic stem cells through the regulation of metabolism

Improved Pancreatic Differentiation Via Cytoskeletal Targeting

Research suggests that the actin cytoskeleton can significantly impact the differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into functional pancreatic β cells

Preclinical Safety Studies of hESC-RPE

A recent STEM CELLS Translational Medicine study from the laboratory of

LincRNA Q Modulated the Pluripotency of ESCs

A new STEM CELLS study from Songcheng Zhu and Jiuhong Kang (Tongji University, Shanghai, Chi

Can Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases Ensure the Safety of PSC-derived Therapies?

Researchers demonstrate that tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase proteins may inhibit PSC‐derived teratoma formation through cell cycle arrest and increased apoptosis

Subtype‐Specific Cardiomyocytes for Precision Medicine

A new review article from the laboratory of Ming‐Tao Zhao (Nationwide Children's Hospital/Ohio State University College of

Subtype Separation of iPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes May Foster Safer Therapies

Researchers describe a novel strategy for the isolation of pure populations of subtype-specific cardiomyocytes from differentiating cultures of induced pluripotent stem cells

Propagation of Human Prostate Tissue from iPSCs

Culturing cells from prostate cancer biopsies to study mechanisms of disease and discover novel treatments suffers from many difficulties; however, a new study from the laboratory of Rakesh Heer

Increased pH Limits Formation of WPB in hiPSC-ECs

Researchers from the lab of Ton J.

Cyst Epithelial-derived iPSCs from ADPKD Patients

Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), the most common inherited kidney disease, leads to kidney failure in most patients. While mutations in the Polycystin 1 (PKD1) gene cause 85% of cases, we do not fully understand how dysregulation of PKD1 leads to cyst formation on a molecular level.


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