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Bone Marrow Stem Cells

What Influences MAPC-based Treatment of GvHD?

A new study provides new insight into the immunomodulatory potency of MAPCs in response to PPAR peroxisome-delta activation or inhibition

MAPCs Prevent GvHD

A new study provides valuable information regarding the biodistribution and regulatory capacity of multipotent adult progenitor cells (MAPCs)

BMDCs Remodel the Postpartum Mouse Uterus

Bone marrow-derived cells actively participate in postpartum uterus remodeling in the mouse

How MSCs Improve Islet Grafting

A new study demonstrates that ISL1 regulates the expression of endogenous VEGFA in islets and improves vascular remodeling during islet transplantation

Neuroimaging of Stroke Patients After MNC Treatment

Stroke patients receiving bone marrow mononuclear cell transplants exhibited improvements to white matter-injury after one year

Study Confirms the Presence of Bone Marrow-derived Myeloid Progenitors in the Brain

Bone marrow-derived leptomeningeal myeloid progenitors may provide a platform for a better understanding of CNS surveillance and local immune cell production

Erythropoietin in Bone Homeostasis

Recent publications define how endogenous erythropoietin signaling affects bone remodeling

Treatment of Osteonecrosis by MSC/EPC Cotransplantation

A new study evaluates the BMSC and EPC cotransplantation in a rabbit model of steroid‐induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head

PCCs vs. PBMNCs in AICLI – Three Year Outcomes

Researchers report the mid‐term outcomes of cell therapy for angiitis‐induced no‐option critical limb ischemia

Bone Marrow Comparison for Bone Regeneration

Concentrated fresh BM-MNCs promote significantly more bone regeneration than cultured BMSCs


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