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Augmenting NAD+ to Treat Age-related Degenerative Diseases?

Researchers discover that repletion of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) may be an effective means to treat age-related degenerative disease

Somatic Role for the Oct4 Pluripotency Gene Described

Researchers find that the somatic expression of the Oct4 pluripotency gene is linked to the function of smooth muscle cells and the resolution of atherosclerotic plaques

Uncovering a Conserved Pathway to Boost the Aging Heart and Extend Lifespan

Researchers discover how the heart continues to function properly with aging, and in doing so, have uncovered a conserved mechanism whose induction can extend lifespan in flies.

Reversing Aging, One Drop at a Time?

Multiple studies have now shown that distinct factors in young blood have direct effects on multiple organ systems and can reverse age-related symptoms. We aim to review these excellent studies herein.


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