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Proteasome Activation Mediates Exercise-Elicited Hippocampal Neurogenesis

A new study from the laboratories of Wulin Yang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, China) and Li Lu (Shanxi University, Taiyuan,

New Model Confirms Gut-to-Brain Propagation of Parkinson’s Disease

Researchers confirm that α-synuclein can pass from the gut to the brain via the vagus nerve to induce Parkinson’s-like symptoms using a new mouse model

Retrotransposon Mediated “Inflammaging” – A Target for The Treatment of Age-associated Disorders?

Activation of retrotransposons contributes to inflammaging, although the L1 reverse transcriptase represents a target for age-associated disorder treatment

Eliminating Senescent Cells as a New Approach to Neurodegenerative Disease Treatment

Researchers highlight the potential for the pharmacological targeting of senescent glial cells as an effective treatment for cognition-associated neuronal loss

Linking SIRT6 Loss to Developmental Retardation in Non-Human Primates

A new developmental analysis in primates suggests that the SIRT6 stress-responsive protein deacetylase may represent a pro-longevity factor in humans

Reversing Signs of Aging via Splicing with Reversalogues

A new study suggests that resveratrol-like compounds that can target multiple mRNA splicing factors may reverse the signs of cellular aging

Inhibiting Age-related Bone Loss by Eliminating Senescent Cells

The clearance of senescent cells in old mice reverses age-related bone loss and may represent an exciting new anti-aging therapy in human patients

TIMP2: The Key to Revitalizing the Aging Brain?

Researchers assessing the rejuvenating potential of human cord blood uncover a key role for the Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 2 (TIMP2) protein

NAD+: A new Strategy to Combat Human Aging?

A new study shows that boosting NAD+ levels can reduce the signs of aging in mice and may also be effective in humans

Pomegranate-derived Compound Reverses Signs of Aging in Mice

A new study finds that a pomegranate-derived compound may be represent an effective means to fight the aging process


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