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Analyzing PSC Culture with StemCellQC

Researchers report StemCellQC as a label-free video bioinformatics analysis tool for evaluating pluripotent stem cell morphology, quality, and dynamics during in vitro culture

Radiotherapy and the Immune System

A review discusses how ionizing radiation provokes tumor‐specific immune responses by inducing immunogenic cancer cell death and reshaping the tumor microenvironment

Organoid Technology – A Review

A new review discusses concerns regarding organoids, the methods available for organoid formation, and the types of reported human organoid models

Engineered Human Cardiac Microtissues

Researchers highlights the development of in vitro cardiac tissue models towards a better understanding of cardiac function, pathology, and therapeutic responses

Augmenting Cardiac Stem Cell Therapies

Stem cell membrane reengineering aims to improve efficacy and reduce off‐target effects by improving homing and retention in the myocardium

Deep Learning and scRNA-seq in Regenerative Medicine

A new review discusses the benefits to research of deep learning methods combined with single‐cell RNA sequencing technology

Benefits and Obstacles to Neonatal Cell Therapy

Researchers introduce an evidence‐based approach to mitigate the risks associated with translating cell‐based therapies into vulnerable patients

ERBB2 and YAP1 Combine to Drive Adult Cardiac Regeneration

Crosstalk between the ERBB2–NRG1 signaling and the Hippo-YAP1 mechanotransduction pathways controls cardiac regeneration in the adult mouse

Fibroblast-derived EVs Promote Wound Healing

Fibroblast-derived extracellular vesicle may find use as a cell-free candidate for wound healing therapies. 

Cell Therapy in Huntington's Disease

A new review article proposes ways to improve future stem cell trials in Huntington's disease, thereby increasing their chance for success


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