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Cell Therapy in Huntington's Disease

A new review article proposes ways to improve future stem cell trials in Huntington's disease, thereby increasing their chance for success

Neurotrophic Effects of Decellularized Scaffolds Aid Muscle Regeneration

A new study reports the intrinsic neurotrophic properties of decellularized scaffolds, thereby supporting their application in muscle regeneration approaches

New Platform Evaluates the Risk of Plastic Pollution to Human Health

A new platform underscores the importance of understanding the bioactivity of nanoplastics and helps to describe the potential implications to human health

Regenerative Medicine and COVID-19

A Perspective article evaluates some of the promising regenerative medicine‐based therapies for treating COVID‐19 and presents some of the collective technologies and resources available

Retinal Coculture Techniques

A new review discusses retinal coculture models of the neural retina, retinal pigment epithelium, and choriocapillaris

Emerging Cell‐based Therapies for SCI – A Review

A fascinating article succinctly provides readers with a working knowledge of SCI and cell therapies at the leading edge of research.

CIRM Tools and Technologies

The potential of human stem cells to alleviate disease was clear upon the inception of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine's (CIRM). 

Strategies for Immune Tolerance and Immune Evasion

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has funded multiple programs in different disease areas and at various stages of therapeutic development

Epitranscriptome Landscape of sncRNAs in Stem Cells

Researchers led by Abdulrahim Sajini brings us up to date regarding how the epitranscriptome will play critical roles in regenerative medicine and RNA‐based therapeutics in the near future

Neurotrophic Effects of Decellularized Muscles

Skeletal muscle decellularization allows the generation of natural scaffolds that retain the extracellular matrix mechanical integrity, biological activity, and three‐dimensional (3D) architecture of the native tissue.


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