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Adult Stem Cells

New Study Identifies the Cell Types Required for Spinal Cord Development

New research highlights the contribution of type II collagen-expressing progenitors to mouse spinal development and their vital role in intervertebral disc repair and regeneration 

New miRNA Inhibition Technology Helps to Explore the Developing Dental Stem Cell Niche

Inhibiting the miR‐200 family in developing mouse embryos prompts the expansion of the dental epithelial stem cell niche and the inhibition of cell differentiation

Stem Cell-derived Exosomes – A New Therapeutic Option for a Common Cause of Back Pain?

How cartilage endplate stem cell-derived exosomes may prevent intervertebral disc degeneration and significantly slow the onset of lower back pain

DeepACT in QC for Cultured Stem Cells

A non-invasive quality control technology for keratinocyte stem cells constructed by deep learning‐based cell recognition and Kalman filter algorithm‐based tracking

Promoting Bone Defect Repair After Radiation

Ferulic acid can alleviate radiation‐induced impairment of skeletal stem cells and promote post-radiation regeneration

miR‐200 Family Regulates Progenitor Cell Differentiation

The miR‐200 family compartmentalizes an ectodermal stem cell niche by regulating progenitor cell differentiation

CESC-derived Exosomes Inhibit IVDD

Cartilage endplate stem cell‐derived exosomes inhibit nucleus pulposus cell apoptosis and attenuate IVDD

TERT Marks Transitional Growth‐associated SSCs

Th temporally-regulated expression of Tert marks SSCs in a discrete phase of transitional growth

Tissue Regeneration with Replicating Stem-like Cells

Mejia et al. demonstrate that RSCs can replicate and differentiate  in vivo and may represent a candidate for bone tissue engineering

Battling Osteoarthritis through the Activation of Tissue-resident Stem Cells

Microfracture-induced activated tissue-resident skeletal stem cells exposed to BMP2 and a VEGF1R antagonist prompt the regeneration of articular cartilage


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