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Cardiac Stem Cells

Trajectory Mapping of ESC Cardiogenesis

Despite the considerable interest in defining the transcriptional profiles of human cardiac cells at single‐cell resolution, data regarding the transient stages of early human cardiac progenitor cell development have remained elusive.

CRISPR Screen Highlights ZIC2 as an Essential Gene for Human Cardiogenesis

New research highlights the zinc-finger of the cerebellum 2 (ZIC2) gene as an essential factor in the formation of human cardiac progenitor cells from embryonic stem cells

Can Systems Proteomics Boost Cardiopoietic Stem Cell Therapy Translation?

A study reveals proteome remodeling within the infarcted heart and establishes that cardiopoietic stem cell therapy can reverse disease-associated proteomic changes

ZIC2 Controls the Emergence of Human Heart Progenitors

To reveal the regulators that control the formation of human cardiac progenitor cells without bias, researchers led by Kenneth R.

New Mechanism Behind Stem Cell Therapy in the Damaged Heart Uncovered

A fascinating new study suggests that stem cell therapy induces an acute inflammatory-based wound-healing response that rejuvenates the infarcted area of the heart

Environmental Adaptation of Cardiac Interstitial Cells

The biological properties and functional activities of c‐Kit+ adult cardiac interstitial cells, or cCICs, continue to elude researchers despite decades of investigation; however, researchers led by

Predicting Cardiac Progenitor Cell Therapy Outcomes in the Failing Heart with miRNA Profiles

Researchers employ a computational modeling technique to establish a relationship between exosomal miRNA and responses in a rat myocardial infarction model

Electrical Stimulation of Pediatric CPCs

Cardiac‐derived progenitor cells (CPCs) have been widely studied as a cell‐based therapy for cardiac pathologies; however, they tend to display an age-related decline in therapeutic efficacy.

Discovery of Cardiac Progenitor Cell Proliferators

Small molecule activators of cardiac progenitor cell proliferation may form part of regenerative therapies for the treatment of myocardial infarction.

Extracellular Vesicles: The Driving Force Behind Cardiac Progenitor Cell Therapy

A study reports that extracellular vesicles from transplanted human cardiac progenitor cells drive the regenerative response following myocardial infarction


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