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Cancer Stem Cells

New Model Highlights a Mature Cell of Origin for Melanoma

A new study suggests that dedifferentiated mature melanocytes represent the cell of origin for melanoma, and not stem cells as previously thought

Cancer Stem Cell Study Uncovers Potential Means to Improve Disease Treatment

A new study into colorectal cancer suggests that targeting FBXW7 may increase the sensitivity of cancer stem cells to commonly employed chemotherapeutics

Tet1 and 3: New Targets in the Battle against Invasive and Heterogeneous Brain Tumors?

A new study describes how hypoxia induces stem-like characteristics in brain tumor cells through the modulation of the chromatin environment of pluripotency-associated genes   

Adult Stem Cells and Organoids Combine to Explore the Contribution of Cancer Risk Factors

A new study of multiple adult stem cell types points to new hypothesis concerning differing cancer prevalence rates

Revealing New Therapeutic Targets in Induced Liver CSCs

The generation of liver cancer stem cells permits the delineation of important controlling pathways and potentially druggable targets for the treatment of liver cancer

A New CSC-targeted Strategy to Treat Melanoma?

Researchers studying the heterogeneous nature of cancer stem cell-containing skin tumors may have discovered new therapeutic targets

Dual Targeting of p53 and c-MYC Eradicates Leukemic Stem Cells

Unbiased transcriptomic and proteomic analysis provides the rational for an efficient dual targeting strategy to eradicate leukemic stem cells

Myeloid-derived Suppressor Cells – A New Target for GBM Treatment?

Research into glioblastoma multiforme brain tumors uncovers a potentially exciting new therapeutic target – myeloid-derived suppressor cells

LGR5 – Mediator of Tumorigenicity in Breast Cancer Stem Cells?

In a new study, researchers uncover an important role for LGR5 in breast cancer tumorigenesis

New Cancer Stem Cell Sorting Strategy to Boost Breast Cancer Research

Sorting breast cancer cells using a new reporter construct allows the interrogation of a highly pure population of cancer stem cells and may allow for the discovery of new therapeutic targets


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