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Cancer Stem Cells

How Omega-3 PUFAs Impact Breast CSCs

PUFAs effectively suppress the self-renewal and growth of breast cancer stem cells by downregulating the expression of lipogenic enzymes

Novel Therapeutic Target Identified Through Phage Display in Glioma Stem Cells

Phage display technology highlights the EYA1‐MYC axis as a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of glioblastoma

PDL1 Regulation in Embryonic and Cancer Stem Cells

A new study describes the mechanisms regulating PD-L1 expression during stem cell differentiation and cancer cell plasticity

CSC Targeting in Breast Cancer

A new review discusses the mechanism of trastuzumab resistance in cancer stem cells associated with HER2‐positive breast cancer

EYA1 Regulates GSC Maintenance and Proliferation

A new study reports that EYA1 can regulate the proliferation and migration of glioma stem cells through the regulation of MYC

PKC‐β Modulated Metabolism in CLL BMSCs

New research links stromal metabolism and PKCβ expression in BMSCs after contact with CLL cells

TGFβ signaling and Variation in AML

Autonomous TGFβ signaling may underly the heterogeneity and variability of LSCs associated with AML

ERβ Signaling Reduces GSC Stemness

ERβ signaling inhibits GBM progression and improves survival by targeting GSCs

Signaling Pathways Controlling TNBC CSCs

A review summarizes the signaling pathways that regulate the proliferation and survival of triple negative breast cancer stem cells

m6A-modified RNA in CSCs

A recent review article provides a snapshot of the current advances relating to the role of the N6‐methyladenosine RNA modification in cancer stem cells


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