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Muscle Stem Cells

Alterations to Silent Chromatin Underlie Loss of Function in Aging Stem Cells

Aging negatively impacts muscle regeneration through altered metabolism, chromatin, transcription factor binding, and gene expression in muscle stem cells

Muscle Stem Cells – New Players in the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases?

New research explores the modulation of the immune system following the transplantation of muscle stem cells into a mouse model of inflammatory bowel disease

Muscle Stem Cells Produce IGF-2

Inflammatory macrophages can promote the expansion of activated muscle stem cells during tissue repair by retaining cells in a proliferative and undifferentiated state.

Transcriptional Identities of Fetal Mesoangioblasts

A new study published in STEM CELLS Translational Medicine

Dystrophin Restoration in Muscle Progenitor Cells

The lack of dystrophin in muscle myofibers represents the central cause of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), the most common inherited muscular dystrophy; however, evidence suggests that DMD may also be a stem cell disease.

A Step Towards Diaphragmatic Regeneration with Engineered Muscle Constructs

The construction of an engineered diaphragmatic muscle construct may represent a promising tool toward clinical applications in diaphragmatic regeneration

Macrophages: The Missing Ingredient of Functional 3D Tissue-engineered Muscle Constructs?

A new study highlights the vital role of immune cells in the generation of functional three-dimensional tissue-engineered muscle constructs

FoxM1 Regulates Muscle Stem Cell Proliferation and Survival via long non-coding RNAs

Muscle stem cell regulation by the FoxM1 transcription factor functions through the regulation of the Snhg8 and Gm26917 long non-coding RNAs

Setd7 Inhibition: The Way Forward for MuSC-based Therapies for Muscular Dystrophy?

Researchers discover that the inhibition of a lysine methyltransferase allows for the long-culture and amplification of human muscle stem cells

Researchers Discover how Notch Duo Coordinate Muscle Stem Cell Regulation

A new STEM CELLS study describes how two members of the regeneration-associated Notch signaling pathway combine to coordinate muscle stem cell regulation


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