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Mesenchymal Stem Cells



Case Study Shows Feasibility of Stem Cell Treatment after Liver Organ Transplant

First-in-human case demonstrates that MAPC transplantation after liver transplantation is feasible and safe and may represent and new method of moderating immune responses

Delineating Hypoxic Regulation of Metabolic Pathways to Promote Stem Cell Function

Detailed analysis of the oxygen sensing and metabolic signaling pathways may improve the therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cell populations

Stem Cell Therapy Enhances Neurological Recovery Following Spina Bifida Repair Surgery

Stem cells derived from the human placenta promote neurological recovery following spina bifida surgery in an ovine model

Stem Cell Study May Lead to Bone Lesion Treatment for Multiple Myeloma Sufferers

A new study uncovers the mechanisms which mediate the lower osteogenic potential of mesenchymal stem cells in patients suffering from multiple myeloma.

Bone Marrow Stem Cells Relieve Pain Symptoms Following Spinal Cord Injury

Researchers demonstrate how bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells reduce chronic neuropathic pain/neuronal hyperexcitability in patients suffering from spinal cord injury

Repeated MSC Application Safe and Feasible for ALS Treatment

Researchers show that repeated injections of MSCs are safe and feasible in ALS patients

Stem Cell Exosomes: They "Wnt" to Help Angiogenesis

Researchers delineate the mechanisms behind the pro-angiogenic role of stem cell-derived exosomes highlighting a role for the Wnt/β-Catenin pathway

A Little “Treat” Makes MSCs Go a Long Way

MSC “Upgrade” Aids Recovery from Brain Injury

Stem Cells – Time is Not Your Friend!

Researchers discover that ageing alters mesenchymal stem cell population dynamics, leading to an accumulation of non-functional cells


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