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Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Synergistic Treg and MSC Treatment of TBI

A combination therapy of T regulatory cells and MSCs significantly reduces microgliosis after traumatic brain injury

Transfer of Processing Bodies Mediates Long-Term MSC Immunomodulation

P-bodies in mesenchymal stem cells support the reprogramming of monocytes and macrophages and the suppression of T-cell responses

FZD5 Regulates Human MSC Senescence

FZD5 prevents senescence and preserves multipotency in the most immature, rapidly proliferating MSC subtype

Stem Cells Trial for Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fracture

Results of a phase I/IIa study of WJ-MSCs and teriparatide cotreatment for osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures

MSC-derived EVs for IVH Treatment

Extracellular vesicles secreted from MSCs effectively attenuate IVH-associated brain injury in newborn rats

Intra-BM MSC Cotransplantation in CBT

A clinical trial evaluated intra-bone marrow transplantation of third-party MSCs as a means to support cord blood transplantation

Safety and Efficacy of MSCs in INRS

Trujillo‐Rodríguez et al. report that MSC infusions do not improve recovery in INRs or reduce immune overactivation or inflammation

Enhanced Scaffolds and Stem Cells Combine to Promote Bone Repair

Researchers describe an improved one-step injectable approach to the stem cell-mediated repair of cranial bone defects in a mouse model

GATA6 and Human MSC Aging

New findings will aid our understanding of MSC senescence and diseases associated with MSC aging

ACE2 Expression in MSCs

MSCs derived from the placenta or iPSCs display the lowest levels of ACE2 expression and the best anti-inflammatory properties


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