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Neural Stem Cells

Sox2-Fos Mediated Control of NSC Self-renewal

A new methodology may help to explore the molecular mechanisms controlling critical aspects of postnatal neural stem cell biology

Directly Differentiated NSCs in Spinal Cord Repair

A new review provides an in‐depth understanding of the neuronal differentiation mechanisms that may facilitate the repair of spinal cord injury in the future

Lysosomal Regulators Help to Maintain NPCs

A new study in mouse embryonic neural stem‐progenitor cells sheds light on the role of lysosomes in the regulation of neural development and tissue stem cells

MBP and NPC Proliferation and Oligodendrogenesis

Regional niches respond differently to MBP by releasing factors that regulate NPCs throughout the CNS

Chemokine Signaling Supports Olfactory Epithelium Neurogenesis

Chemokine signaling promotes homeostatic and injury‐induced neurogenesis in the olfactory system of postnatal mice

OPRK1 Regulates NSC Differentiation

OPRK1 agonists hinder adult neurogenesis through the miR‐7a‐5p-dependent regulation of Pax6 expression

Long-term In Vivo Monitoring of Stem Cells via Magneto‐endosymbiont Labeling

A new study highlights magneto‐endosymbiont-based imaging as an exciting new means to track human neural stem cells after transplantation

Exploring Gliogenesis in Preoligodendrocyte Progenitor Cell-derived Organoids

New research sought to establish whether prepatterned neural stem/progenitor cells facilitated glial specification during organoid development

Endogenous Stem Cell-mediated Self-repair in the Injured Spinal Cord

Spinal cord NSCs possess the potential to replace oligodendrocytes that promote axon remyelination following injury

iPSC Gliogenic Neural Progenitors for SCI

A new study reports the generation of neural stem/progenitor cells with gliogenic competence from clinically relevant human iPSCs


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