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Neural Stem Cells

A2AR and BDNF in Adult Neurogenesis

Researchers report that adenosine A2A receptor activation enhances postnatal and adult hippocampal neurogenesis

Niche-derived Factors Modulate Inhibitory Responses of NSCs to Myelin Basic Protein Exposure

An exciting study highlights how regionally distinct microenvironments influence the impact of myelin basic protein on neural stem cells

Adult OB Core NSCs Generate Neurons

Researchers report for the first time that neural stem cells in the adult olfactory bulb give rise to calretinin‐expressing interneurons

EMCs Support ENSC Growth

Researchers report that intestinal mesenchymal cells support post-natal enteric neural stem cells in a study that supports the development of therapies for Hirschsprung disease

Understanding Neurogenesis within the Olfactory Stem Cell Niche

New findings deepen our understanding of olfactory stem cell niche signaling that may improve autologous olfactory stem cell transplantation approaches

Deciphering the Crucial Role of the Kappa Opioid Receptor in Adult Neurogenesis

OPRK1 regulates NSC differentiation and adult hippocampal neurogenesis by modulating gene expression through the upregulation of a specific miRNA species

Critical Stress Response Program Controls the Regenerative Potential of NSPCs

Researchers describe a stress-induced signaling cascade that controls the long-term regenerative potential of neural stem/progenitor cells under oxidative conditions

Chemical Neurogenesis in Müller Glia

Researchers provide proof of principle for the pharmacological targeting of Müller glia to induce therapeutic regeneration in the mammalian retina

Vascularization of Human Brain Organoids

A new review article discusses the how and the why of human brain organoid vascularization

Microglial Involvement in Multiple Sclerosis

A new review article discusses the role of microglia in the development and treatment of multiple sclerosis


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