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Neural Stem Cells

How Dopamine Regulates Adult Neurogenesis

Researchers describe how to counteract the decline in neurogenesis observed in the V-SVZ in animal models of Parkinson's disease

New Study Describes Neural Stem Cells in the Mouse Olfactory Bulb

Olfactory bulb neural stem cells give rise to calretinin-expressing interneurons that become incorporated into the olfactory bulb circuitry 

Nucleoporins and the Epigenetic Regulation of NSCs

A new review discusses how nuclear pore proteins use epigenetic mechanisms to control stemness and fate specification of embryonic and adult NSCs

Delineation of the Regulatory Networks Controlling Neural Stem Cell Function

A new study explores the additional factors that sustain Sox2-deficient neural stem cells in the hope of delineating downstream regulatory networks

The Role of Tailless in Neurogenesis

New findings highlight the importance of silencing the orphan nuclear receptor Tailless correctly in controlling neural stem cell behavior

Mitochondria in Neurogenesis

A new review discusses the emerging role of mitochondria in neural progenitor cells and the regulation of cell fate decisions during neurogenesis

Autologous Dopaminergic Progenitor Transplantation Alleviated Parkinson's Symptoms

Parkinson's monkeys receiving autologous dopaminergic progenitor transplants display improvements to both motor and depressive symptoms of the disease

A2AR and BDNF in Adult Neurogenesis

Researchers report that adenosine A2A receptor activation enhances postnatal and adult hippocampal neurogenesis

Niche-derived Factors Modulate Inhibitory Responses of NSCs to Myelin Basic Protein Exposure

An exciting study highlights how regionally distinct microenvironments influence the impact of myelin basic protein on neural stem cells

Adult OB Core NSCs Generate Neurons

Researchers report for the first time that neural stem cells in the adult olfactory bulb give rise to calretinin‐expressing interneurons


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