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Adipose Stem Cells

Autologous Adipose Micro-Grafts – A New Tendon Healing Strategy?

A new study describes autologous adipose micro-grafts as a safe and effective treatment for tendinopathy in sheep, which supports this cell therapy in human patients

Tendinopathy Treatment with Adipose Micro-grafts

A new study reports on the successful treatment of tendinopathy with adipose micro-grafts in an ovine model 

Treating Total Body Irradiation with Allogeneic Adipose-derived Stem Cells

Intraperitoneally injected allogeneic adipose stem cells migrate to the irradiated mouse bone marrow and induce repair by secreting hematopoietic and pro-survival factors

Adipose‐derived Regenerative Cells – A Safe and Effective Treatment for Breast Cancer‐related Lymphedema?

A new study reports the final trial results for the transplantation of adipose‐derived regenerative cells as an autologous treatment of breast cancer‐related lymphedema

ASCs and Improving Fat Retention in Scleroderma Patients

Autologous fat grafting combined with adipose‐derived stem cells (ASC) represents a safe and feasible treatment for facial atrophy in localized scleroderma patients

SVF Treatment of Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers

A novel therapy for diabetic wounds based on blood vessel induction in situ alleviates the intractable pain and infection associated with chronic wounds

Allogeneic ASCs Mitigate ARS

Researchers describe allogeneic adipose stem cells as a potential mitigator of acute radiation syndrome

Treating BCRL with ADRCs and Lipotransfer

Adipose‐derived regenerative cells and lipotransfer represent a safe and feasible intervention in patients with breast cancer‐related lymphedema

Can the Stem Cell Secretome Support Longer Storage of Donor Hearts and Boost Transplantation Numbers?

The ASC secretome may lengthen heart storage time before significant deterioration, thereby increasing the number of available hearts for transplantation

DKK1 Neutralization Enhances ASC-mediated Bone Repair

DKK1 may represent a targetable molecular “brake” to ASC-mediated bone formation 


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