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Adipose Stem Cells

Can the Stem Cell Secretome Support Longer Storage of Donor Hearts and Boost Transplantation Numbers?

The ASC secretome may lengthen heart storage time before significant deterioration, thereby increasing the number of available hearts for transplantation

DKK1 Neutralization Enhances ASC-mediated Bone Repair

DKK1 may represent a targetable molecular “brake” to ASC-mediated bone formation 

ASC Secretome Boosts hiPSC‐derived Cardiomyocyte Recovery

Augmenting preservation solution with the ASC secretome improves organ functional recovery and duration of storage

Sensory Recovery in Anterolateral Thigh Free Flap

Nanofat and NFG synergize to promote sensory recovery of anterolateral thigh free flaps

Adipose Vascular Niche Regulates Stem Cell Self‐renewal

Lyl1‐deficient mice possess porous adipose tissue vascular structures, which promotes adipose stem cell differentiation. 

3D Environment and Vascularization in Osteogenesis

The authors' findings demonstrate the critical role of vascularization and 3D culture in driving osteogenic maturation of human adipose‐derived stem cells 

ASCs Ensure Enhanced Fat Graft Retention

ASCs significantly improved the ability of fat grafts to retain their volume compared with conventional fat grafting

How ASCs Repair Ischemic Muscle

Researchers demonstrate that transplanted ASCs contribute to tissue remodeling by recruiting and polarizing macrophages into an M2 phenotype

Antifibrotic Adipose‐derived Stem Cells

A recent study led by Derrick C.

Proangiogenic CD146-Positive Adipose MSCs

A new STEM CELLS Translational Medicine article from the lab of


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