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Wnt7b-Sox11 Axis Mediates BM-MSC Bone Regeneration

In a new STEM CELLS study led by Ling Ye (Sichuan University, People's Republic of China), Yu et al. report, for the first time, that the Wnt7b‐induced Sox11 signaling axis governs the self-renewal and osteogenesis of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSCs). The Wnt7b‐induced Sox11 signaling axis manipulates the expression of crucial fate‐decisive genes to support the long‐term amplification and lineage commitment of BM-MSCs, which finally contributes to enhanced bone formation and regeneration. Overall, these results provide evidence that the modulation of Wnt7b‐Sox11 signaling in BM-MSCs may represent a means to develop viable bone anabolic therapies.