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Tunable Hydrogels for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Delivery

Stem cell therapies hold considerable promise, but their clinical application requires the development of appropriate delivery platforms; this includes synthetic hydrogels engineered to display fibrin‐like and other cell‐binding sites that promote cell adhesion and direct stem cell function and fate through “outside-in” signaling mechanisms. To better understand how the 3D culture environment and integrin‐binding attachment sites impact stem cells, researchers from the lab of Emanual Maverakis (University of California, Davis, California, USA) broadly examined the differentially gene expression profiles induced by well‐defined three dimensional hydrogel culture systems with and without tethered integrin‐binding small molecules and studied the impact of these molecules on re‐epithelialization following mesenchymal stem/stromal cell delivery to ex vivo organotypic human wounds. For all the details of this new study from Marusina et al., see STEM CELLS now!