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Transcriptional Identities of Fetal Mesoangioblasts

A new study published in STEM CELLS Translational Medicine reveals the transcriptional identities of human fetal mesoangioblasts derived from the aorta and cardiac and skeletal muscle tissues, with specific gene signatures correlating with the myogenic differentiation properties inherent to their derivative tissues. Gene network analysis carried out by researchers from the lab of Marisa E. Jaconi (University of Geneva, Switzerland) identified four major superclusters of differentially expressed genes and uncovered a global set of upregulated and downregulated genes between skeletal and cardiac muscle mesoangioblasts, with those from the aorta exhibiting an intermediate profile. Collectively, Ronzoni et al. provide a set of critical genes accounting for, and possibly predicting, lineage‐specific differentiation commitment during development, which may help to improve the future management of muscle regeneration.