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TAK1 is a Critical Regulator of BM-MSC Proliferation

While bone marrow‐derived mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSCs) represent a highly utile cell type for cell transplantation therapy, the molecular network underlying BM-MSC proliferation remains poorly understood. Now, researchers led by Takeshi Teramura (Kindai University, Osaka, Japan) report TGFβ‐activated kinase (Tak1) as a critical regulator of BM-MSC proliferation. In their new STEM CELLS article, Onodera et al. report the activation of Tak1 by various mitogenic cytokines and the subsequently induced stabilization and nuclear localization of Yap1/Taz. Interestingly, reversible quiescence induced by Tak1 inhibition provided stress tolerance and improved engraftment for BM-MSCs in cell transplantation models.