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Stroke‐induced Neurogenesis by lncRNAs

Adult neurogenesis contributes to neurological function; therefore, elucidating the underlying molecular mechanisms in post‐stroke neurogenesis could provide for the development of new therapies to amplify endogenous neurogenesis and improve neurological function during recovery. Now, researchers led by Xian Shuang Liu (Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI, USA) report that stroke substantially changes long non‐coding RNA (lncRNA) profiles and lncRNA‐mRNA co‐expression networks in neural stem cells (NSCs). Furthermore, Fan et al. demonstrate that the H19 lncRNA mediates stroke‐augmented neurogenesis by recruiting chromatin remodeling proteins and regulating microRNA expression to modulate neurogenesis‐related transcription. Overall, the findings of this new STEM CELLS study provide new insights into the epigenetic control of adult neurogenesis after cerebral ischemia.