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Reviewing the Mechanisms of Injury-induced Enteric Neurogenesis

A recent review article from the labs of Raleigh Jonscher (University of Colorado School of Medicine, USA) and Jaime Belkind‐Gerson (Children's Hospital Colorado, USA) offers a concise but wide‐ranging survey on the current state of progress in research related to adult enteric neurogenesis in response to injury, specifically regarding glial cell‐derived neurotrophic factor, serotonin, endocannabinoids, and lipopolysaccharide signaling. The authors describe the current understanding of adult enteric neurogenesis and the systems involved and go on to highlight promising avenues for potential clinical development. Overall, targeting the neurogenic pathways presents a promising avenue toward the development of new and innovative treatments for acquired damage to the enteric nervous system. For more, see STEM CELLS now!