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Reviewing Glioblastoma-Mesenchymal Stem Cell Interactions

The unique properties of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have made them an exciting resource for the treatment of a range of human conditions, including degenerative and inflammatory diseases, tissue damage, and cancer. Now, a new STEM CELLS Translational Medicine review article from the labs of Tullio Florio and Federica Barbieri (University of Genova, Italy) discuss recent findings from preclinical studies on MSCs in oncology as a source of soluble factors and extracellular vesicles with a specific focus on the interactions between MSCs and glioblastoma. As MSCs can promote or suppress tumor growth, they act as a double‐edged sword in the glioblastoma model, as in other tumor types. Additionally, Bajetto et al. also discuss the research required to explore and define MSCs before their clinical translation as useful, safe tools for future anticancer approaches.