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Photoreceptor Precursor Transplantation into the Degenerated Retina

While replacement of the lost photoreceptors by the transplantation of pluripotent stem cell derivatives offers promising prospects for the reversal of end‐stage retinal degeneration, published studies to date have focused on cell engraftment and cytoplasmic material exchange from donor to host photoreceptors. In a new STEM CELLS article from researchers led by Majlinda Lako and Evelyne Sernagor (Newcastle University, UK), Zerti et al. now describe the full assessment of light responses that develop following transplantation of pluripotent stem cell‐derived cone photoreceptors in a mouse model of advanced photoreceptor dystrophy. Overall, these findings establish that, despite a relatively low engraftment yield, cone precursors engraft to allow conventional light responses in ganglion cells at advanced degeneration stages.