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Myeloid Progenitors Present in the Leptomeninges

While hematopoiesis usually occurs in the bone marrow, stem and progenitor cells regularly leave their niche to circulate throughout the body and actively take part in immune responses. Intriguingly, hematopoietic progenitor‐like cells have even been reported in brain homogenates of mice; however, their nature, origin, and location remain insufficiently defined. In contrast to the brain parenchyma, researchers led by Stefanie Kuerten (Rheinische Friedrich‐Wilhelm Universität Bonn, Germany) now report that the leptomeningeal barrier of the brain is continuously patrolled by bone marrow-derived progenitors. As ever more functions of these cells in immunity are unraveled, Koeniger et al. hope that their data will provide a new impulse for those working in neuroimmunological research. For all the details, see STEM CELLS now!