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MSCs in COVID-19-Related ARDS

Although mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) administration is an unproven stem cell therapy-based approach for the treatment of COVID‐19 patients, there exists a growing demand for new therapies among patients and healthcare workers. As highlighted by preclinical and clinical findings, MSCs possess remarkable immunomodulatory features and thus have the potential to modulate the pulmonary microenvironment, inhibit pulmonary fibrosis, and treat lung dysfunction in COVID‐19 induced pneumonia and respiratory distress syndrome. Now, a new STEM CELLS Translational Medicine review article from Alp Can (Ankara University, Turkey) and Hakan Coskun (Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA) provides a balanced view on the potential of MSC therapy for COVID-19, with concerns regarding clinics offering unproven stem cell treatments in mind.