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KLF2 Enhances Bone Regeneration by MSCs and ECs

A team of researchers led by Mengfei Yu and Huiming Wang (Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China) recently investigated KLF2 as a novel in vitro marker for mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to investigate osteogenesis and angiogenesis following the interaction between KLF2+ MSCs and endothelial cells (ECs). Zhou et al. demonstrated the improved formation of blood vessels via the secretion of angiogenic factors like ANG1 by KLF2-expressing MSCs and the differentiation of MSCs into pericytes through the PDGF‐BB/PDGFR‐ß signaling pathway. Mature ECs, in turn, synergistically enhanced the osteogenesis of KLF2-expressing MSCs through the efficient up‐regulation of VEGF. For more on how synergism between MSCs and ECs can have a profound impact on vascular network bioengineering and bone regeneration, see STEM CELLS now!