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How MSCs Affect Regulatory T-reg Cells – A Review

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and regulatory T cells (T‐regs) are very different cell types; however, these cell types share the common features of actively suppressing or modulating harmful immune responses through diverse molecular mechanisms and of being the focus of extensive translational efforts as cell therapies for immune‐mediated/inflammatory diseases. A new review article published in STEM CELLS from Neema Negi and Matthew D. Griffin (National University of Ireland Galway) describes and critically evaluates the current evidence base from fundamental and translational research studies on how the influence of MSCs on T‐regs represents an essential component of the therapeutic effects of MSC‐based investigational products. The authors also examine multiple direct and indirect mechanisms whereby MSCs may promote the expansion and immune-suppressive potency of T‐regs.