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FGF2 Alters the Aging of Human ASCs

Adipose‐derived mesenchymal stem cells (ASCs) are a valuable cell source for regenerative medicine, and prolonged in vitro cell expansion may be required to develop ASC‐based products. While fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2) represents a common culture medium supplement employed to enhance ASC proliferation, we know little regarding the effect of FGF2 on the ASC aging process during prolonged culture. Now, researchers led by Nai‐Chen Cheng (National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan) report that although FGF2 maintains cellular morphology and enhances cell proliferation in the early passages of ASC culture, continuous FGF2 supplement exerts adverse effects on the late passages. Overall, this new STEM CELLS Translational Medicine study from Cheng et al. provides important insight for large‐scale ASC production for clinical use.