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Epitranscriptome Landscape of sncRNAs in Stem Cells

Comprising the epigenetic signatures decorating both coding and noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs), the epitranscriptome has recently emerged as a major regulator of stem cell biology. ncRNAs can be divided into large and small ncRNAs, with small (s)ncRNAs known to govern stem cell division, among other roles. Molecularly, the epitranscriptome controls the translation of global programs or specific mRNAs. Post‐transcriptional modifications coordinate stem cell decisions by orchestrating RNA processing, RNA structure, and reader‐eraser protein binding. While the epitranscriptome field remains in its infancy, with many RNA modifications roles unknown, researchers led by Abdulrahim Sajini (Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE) now brings us up to date regarding how the epitranscriptome will play critical roles in regenerative medicine and RNA‐based therapeutics in the near future. For a fascinating read, see STEM CELLS Translational Medicine now!