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Epigenetics and Pluripotent States: A Review

There exist various pluripotent states along with early embryonic development in mammals: from totipotency to naïve pluripotency to primed pluripotency. While these pluripotent stem cell populations can both self-renew and differentiate into cells representative of the three germ layers, studies have not made it clear that each cell types displays a unique epigenetic profile. This prompted researchers led by Wei Jiang (Wuhan University, Hubei, China) to review studies regarding the various pluripotent states, highlighting epigenetic regulation during cell interconversion. Geng et al. believe understanding epigenetic dynamics is conducive to the recapitulation of in vivo pluripotency/totipotency in vitro and will further advance the research of cell fate determination and, indeed, the entire stem cell field. See STEM CELLS for more!