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Delivery of Stem Cell Secretome for Renal Disease Treatment

While the stem cell secretome presents itself as an efficient and safe means to treat a range of disease and disorders, solubilized growth factors can undergo rapid degradation following administration, thereby requiring efficient delivery and controlled release for enhanced tissue regeneration. A recent STEM CELLS Translational Medicine article details recent research from the lab of James J. Yoo (Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston‐Salem, NC, USA) and their application of a gel‐based delivery system for controlled delivery of the secretome of human placental stem cells in a rat model of renal regeneration. Excitingly, Yim et al. report that their new approach leads to the effective functional and structural restoration of the injured kidney, thereby suggesting that delivery of the stem cell‐derived secretome can help to efficiently repair renal tissue injury safely and without the risk of possible side effects such as immune rejection.

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