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Cell-Based Therapies for Periodontal Regeneration

Cell‐based therapies have the potential to improve outcomes of orally-associated regenerative treatments; as an example, mesenchymal stem cells currently represent ideal candidates for adjuvant application for extraction sockets and challenging lateral/vertical bone defects requiring bone block grafts. However, a new review article from the laboratory of Federico Moreno Sancho  (UCL Eastman Dental Institute, London, UK) establishes that there exists insufficient evidence to identify best‐performing treatment modalities among the cell‐based techniques. The authors note that we must elucidate the clinical benefit of “substantial manipulation” of tissues and cells when compared with “minimal manipulation” and highlight the need for further research that evaluates the effectiveness of simple, fast, and economical methods for cell harvesting and processing. For all the details, see STEM CELLS Translational Medicine now.