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Boosting ASC-mediated Cardiac Regeneration by Statin-Polymer Nanoparticles

In the hope of developing more efficient stem cell-treatments for ischemic heart diseases, researchers led by Masaaki Ii (Osaka Medical College, Japan) recently assessed the outcomes of a combinatorial strategy on the ischemic myocardium. In brief, Yokoyama et al. established that treatment with statin (Simvastatin) loaded poly(lactic‐co‐glycolic) acid nanoparticles synergized with adipose stem cell (ASC) therapy and led to an increased level of functional recovery in the damaged heart by inducing myocardial regeneration with increased vascularity and pericardium‐derived de novo cardiomyocytes. The authors hope that their new STEM CELLS Translational Medicine will permit the development of innovative therapies for myocardial infarction without requiring pluripotent stem cell‐derived cardiomyocytes.