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Analyzing PSC Culture with StemCellQC

Researchers led by Prue Talbot (University of California, Riverside, CA, USA) recently reported StemCellQC, a label-free video bioinformatics analysis tool for evaluating pluripotent stem cell (PSC) morphology, quality, and dynamics during in vitro culture. As reported in their recent STEM CELLS Translational Medicine article, Lin et al. used StemCellQC to quantitatively compared the morphology, growth, motility, and death of PSCs grown on different matrices, in different media, in conditions of stress, and the presence of an environmental toxicant. In addition, the authors report that StemCellQC can be applied to problems in basic, toxicological, translational, and clinical laboratories working with PSCs and used to optimize in vitro culture conditions and monitor colony quality to ensure safe translation of technology to humans.