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Shipping and Logistics Considerations for RegenMed Therapies

This webinar, based on the STEM CELLS Translational Medicine article, “Shipping and Logistics Considerations for Regenerative Medicine Therapies,” takes a close look at the current practices and future considerations for creating global distribution chains that facilitate successful deployment of regenerative medicine therapies.

This webinar, sponsored by RegenMed Development Organization, Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society, and AlphaMed Press, founder of the STEM CELLS Translational Medicine journal, convenes leaders in the field to discuss the topics below, followed by a panel discussion on future needs.


  • Current Standards
  • Technologies for Shipping Cells
  • Biopreservation
  • Space Industry Logistics

Tracy Criswell (WFIRM)

Reggie Stilwell, Director, AlloSource
Corné Swart, Head of Business Development, Cellbox Solutions
Kelvin Brockbank, CEO, Tissue Testing Technologies LLC
Jana Stoudemire, Commercial Innovation Strategy Lead, Axiom Space
Mark Wolff, Advisory Industry Consultant and Chief Health Analytics Strategist, Global IoT Division, SAS Institute