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Coverage of the latest news and updates from the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine.

January 20, 2021

NEUHERBERG (DE), January 2021 — The gut plays a central role in the regulation of the body’s metabolism and its dysfunction is associated with a variety of diseases – such as obesity, diabetes, colitis and colorectal cancer – that affect millions of people worldwide.

January 19, 2021

OKAYAMA (JP), January 2021 — Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a condition caused by the weakening of the heart muscle, affecting the ventricles. If allowed to progress unchecked, DCM can lead to heart failure and death, especially in children.

January 19, 2021

SKOKIE, IL (US), January 2021 — Retinal cells derived from adult human eye stem cells survived when transplanted into the eyes of monkeys, an important early step in the validation of this approach for treating blindness, according to a study led by Zengping Liu, of the Agency fo

January 18, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (US), January 2021 — Researchers at the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center published promising findings in the New England Journal of Medicine on preventing a common complication to lifesaving blood stem cell transp

January 13, 2021

LOS ANGELES, CA (US), January 2021 — Using stem cells to regenerate parts of the skull, scientists corrected skull shape and reversed learning and memory deficits in young mice with craniosynostosis, a condition estimated to affect one in every 2,500 infants born in the United St

January 11, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (US), January 2021 — UC San Francisco scientists have discovered a new way to control the immune system's "natural killer" (NK) cells, a finding with implications for novel cell therapies and tissue implants that can evade immune rejection.

January 8, 2021

GUANGZHOU (CN), January 2021 — Spinal cord injury (SCI) often causes disability and seriously compromises quality of life.

January 8, 2021

BARCELONA (ES), January 2021 — Dying retinal cells send out a rescue signal to recruit stem cells and repair eye damage, according to the findings of a study published in December in Molecular Therapy.

January 8, 2021

ZURICH (CH), January 2021 — Stem cells create new nerve cells in the brain over the entire life span. One of the places this happens is the hippocampus, a region of the brain that plays a significant role in many learning processes.

January 4, 2021

BERLIN (DE), December 2020 — Since colonoscopies were introduced in Germany for early cancer detection, the number of diagnoses of advanced cancer every year has decreased, as precancerous lesions can now be detected and immediately removed as part of the examinati