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Developing the Regenerative Medicine Workforce

The availability of a skilled technical workforce for regenerative medicine research, clinical translation, and scaled manufacturing is crucial to this rapidly expanding field. This webinar, sponsored by RegenMed Development Organization and STEM CELLS Translational Medicine, convenes key leaders in the field to discuss the skill needs and gaps in regenerative medicine and their implications for practice and policy. 


  • Common employability skills and core bioscience skills
  • Survey of technical skill needs for regenerative medicine
  • The practical impact of skill needs and gaps for faculty and program development
  • Workforce development and the regenerative medicine policy agenda 

Dr. Anthony Atala, Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Ann Murphy, Founding Editor of STEM CELLS Translational Medicine
Dr. Gary M. Green, Assistant Professor and Chief Workforce Development Officer, 
Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine/ Chief Workforce Development Officer, RegenMed Development Organization
Dr. Linnea Fletcher, PI, InnovATEBio: National Biotechnology Education Center, Austin Community College
Dr. James DeKloe, Professor, Solano College
Russ H. Read, Executive Director, National Center for the Biotechnology Workforce, Forsyth Technical Community College
Andrew Breite, Director of Quality Assurance, VitaCyte, Inc. Indianapolis, IN
Dr. V. Celeste Carter, Program Director, NSF Advanced Technological Education
Bernie Siegel, Director, Regenerative Medicine Foundation
Janet Marchibroda, President, Alliance for Cell Therapy Now