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Clinical Trial Update: Clinical trials test adult stem cells in slowing Type 1 diabetes

The general objective of the trials is to test the efficiency of stem cell therapy in detaining the autoimmune aggression of the disease in its initial phases.

Dr. Javier Escalada is lead researcher and head of the Diabetes Unit of the Department of Endocrinology at University Hospital of Navarra. He explained, "This project aims to undertake the first translational clinical research experiment based on the results obtained with immuno-modulatory cell treatment in animal models with diabetes. To this end, and within the same project, a team of clinical specialists is integrated with a research team from the Area of Cell Therapy focusing on studying preclinical models of this disease and with another from the Clinical Biochemical Service dealing with the biology of mesenchymal stem cells."

The initial phase of the multicenter clinical trials will last one year. Results are expected to require three years. The research was initiated by CAIBER (the Spanish Platform for Clinical Trials), part of the Carlos III Health Institute.

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