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Policy for submitting comments on the Stem Cells Portal

The Stem Cells Portal provides an online forum in which active researchers in the Stem Cells field, or persons who have an interest in this area of science, can access review articles of recent and current publications, enter into online discussions about the merits of the published data, and discover a range of other resources useful to the Stem Cell research community. The cornerstone of the online discussion function is the ability to submit comments, and the following guidelines will ensure that the Stem Cells Portal remains a respected resource and will maintain the quality of resources made available to the Stem Cell community

Only registered users will be allowed to submit comments about articles posted on the Stem Cells Portal. The use of abusive, profane, or racist language, or personal attacks against other registered users, will not be tolerated. Comments may not include the insertion of links to other web addresses unless permission to do so is granted by the Stem Cells Portal editorial team. Comments can be positive or negative, but we do ask that you restrict your comments to the subject under discussion. The inclusion of off topic comments that the moderators interpret as "spam" will be removed when detected.