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Clinical Trials: Musculoskeletal Disease

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Posted: Wednesday, February 3, 2021 - 12:00
Conditions:   Chronic Low Back Pain;   Degenerative Disc Disease
Interventions:   Other: Autologous stem cells;   Drug: Corticosteroid;   Drug: Local anesthetic
Sponsors:   Johns Hopkins University;   The Geneva Foundation;   United States Department of Defense
Not yet recruiting
Posted: Monday, January 25, 2021 - 12:00
Conditions:   Polymyositis;   Dermatomyositis
Sponsor:   University of Florida
Not yet recruiting
Posted: Wednesday, January 20, 2021 - 12:00
Condition:   Osteo Arthritis Knee
Interventions:   Biological: Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate;   Device: Angel Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma (cPRP) System
Sponsor:   University of California, San Diego
Posted: Thursday, December 10, 2020 - 12:00
Condition:   Knee Osteoarthritis
Intervention:   Dietary Supplement: Stem Cell Support Formula
Sponsor:   Regenexx, LLC
Not yet recruiting
Posted: Thursday, October 22, 2020 - 12:00
Condition:   Osteoarthritis, Knee
Interventions:   Device: Intravascular laser irradiation of blood;   Device: Intravascular laser irradiation of blood (Sham)
Sponsors:   Tri-Service General Hospital;   Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Not yet recruiting
Posted: Thursday, September 3, 2020 - 12:00
Condition:   Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Interventions:   Drug: Amniotic Fluid Allograft;   Drug: Dexamethasone sodium phosphate
Sponsors:   University of Utah;   Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine;   SKAGGs Foundation
Not yet recruiting
Posted: Thursday, August 20, 2020 - 12:00
Condition:   Osteoarthritis, Knee
Interventions:   Biological: Chondrogen;   Biological: Placebo
Sponsor:   Meluha Life Sciences SDN BHD
Not yet recruiting
Posted: Thursday, August 6, 2020 - 12:00
Condition:   Osteoporosis
Intervention:   Drug: Mesenchymal Stem Cell
Sponsor:   Ahmad Jabir Rahyussalim
Posted: Wednesday, August 5, 2020 - 12:00
Conditions:   Degenerative Disc Disease;   Low Back Pain;   Disc Degeneration
Intervention:   Drug: Mesenchymal Stem Cell + NaCl 0,9% 2ml
Sponsor:   Ahmad Jabir Rahyussalim
Posted: Thursday, July 30, 2020 - 12:00
Conditions:   Spinal Tuberculosis;   Mesenchymal Stem Cell
Interventions:   Combination Product: Mesenchymal Stem cell + Nacl 0.9%;   Combination Product: NaCl 0.9%
Sponsor:   Ahmad Jabir Rahyussalim