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NMDP Offering 'Practice' Units

The National Marrow Donor Program/BeTheMatch (NMDP) is offering cord blood "practice units" to transplant centers that don’t usually use cord blood as a donor source. Clinical programs can request up to three units, not viable for transplant, to practice thawing procedures for example. The units are provided by the registry’s network banks.

The service is supplemental to the NMDP’s Cord Blood Consultation Service that helps transplant centers with unit selection and clinical support. The registry is emphasizing that cord blood is "a very valuable graft source in the current situation and fills the gap when donors may not be available for a collection."

"Cord blood products are characterized and readily available for use, are screened and tested at time of banking, eliminating any possibility of COVID-19 infection and exposure risk, and aren’t limited by courier or commercial travel restrictions," NMDP said.

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WMDA is Reporting Impact on Registries

The World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) maintains an "Impact on Registries" web page that is updated regularly, including changes in operations at individual registries caused by the pandemic.


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AABB Offers Coronavirus Online Resources Page

A web page with links to guidelines, position statements and other COVID-19 information is maintained by AABB. The organization’s on-site assessments for accreditation have been suspended for an indefinite period of time because of the pandemic.


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FACT Answers Questions about Accreditation Renewals

Cord blood banks and transplant centers approaching the end of their accreditation cycle are asking questions of the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT). For example, what if a transplant center’s volume of allogeneic transplants drops below the required minimum because of the pandemic?
Answers for this and other frequently asked questions are in a newly published document.


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'Cord Blood Connect' Congress is on Hold

As announced in an e-mail bulletin yesterday, pre-registrations and abstract submission for the 2020 Cord Blood Connect international congress have been suspended.
CBA leaders are evaluating whether to proceed, postpone or develop alternatives for the congress that is scheduled for Sept. 10-12 in Miami Beach.


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