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Intra-bone Mesenchymal Stem Cell Injection Boosts Cord Blood Transplant in Adults

Review of "Phase I clinical trial of intra-bone marrow co-transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells in cord blood transplantation" from STEM CELLS Translational Medicine by Stuart P. Atkinson

Clinical studies in pediatric patients have demonstrated the feasibility and safety of cord blood transplantation with intravenous cotransplantation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to reduce the incidence of chronic graft‐vs‐host disease, hasten hematologic recovery, reduce graft failure rates, and decrease transplant‐related mortality [1-4].

To evaluate the utility of this approach in adult patients with hematologic disorders, researchers led by Makoto Murata (Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan) designed a phase I trial of cord blood transplantation combined with an intra‐bone marrow injection of ex vivo expanded MSCs [5] to avoid trapping MSCs in the lungs following intravenous infusion [6, 7]. As reported in a recent STEM CELLS Translational Medicine article [8], Goto et al. now suggest that cotransplantation of MSCs may prevent graft‐vs‐host disease in adult human patients without negatively impacting cord blood engraftment.

The authors injected third-party MSCs into the bone marrow of five patients four hours before cord blood transplantation (with no adverse events related to the intra-bone marrow injection observed) and compared their recovery to six patients who received only cord blood transplantation. While all eleven patients achieved neutrophil, reticulocyte, and platelet recoveries over 20-30 days, three of the six cord blood transplantation only patients displayed grade II‐IV acute graft‐vs‐host disease compared to none of the MSC cotransplanted patients. Furthermore, all patients receiving cord blood transplantation with MSC cotransplantation survived without relapse to one year.

Together these data suggest that the intra-bone marrow transplantation of third-party MSCs represents an efficient means of improving cord blood transplantation; however, the authors also suggest that their cotransplantation strategy may also positively impact bone marrow- and peripheral blood-derived stem cell transplants.

For more on how intra-bone marrow injections of MSCs can safely boost cord blood transplantation, stay tuned to the Stem Cells Portal!


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