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STEM CELLS Translational Medicine
(SCTM) is the official journal of RMMS.

The Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society is the world’s first professional organization dedicated solely to advancing the field of regenerative medicine through manufacturing. Society members – who represent industry, government, academia, and non-profit organizations – share their knowledge and work together to create solutions to manufacturing challenges. The ultimate goal is to develop standardized manufacturing processes to facilitate the smooth and quick transition of new therapies to market for the benefit of patients.

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Regen med therapeutic opportunities for fighting COVID‐19
Anthony Atala, Alicia Henn, Martha Lundberg, Taby Ahsan, Jordan Greenberg, Jeff Krukin, Steven Lynum, Cat Lutz, Kyle Cetrulo, Mohammad Albanna, Taciana Pereira, Shannon Eaker, Joshua Hunsberger



Improving patient outcomes with regenerative medicine: How Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society plans to move the needle forward in cell manufacturing, standards, 3D bioprinting, artificial intelligence‐enabled automation, education, and training
Joshua Hunsberger, Carl Simon, Claudia Zylberberg, Preveen Ramamoorthy, Thomas Tubon, Ram Bedi, Kurt Gielen, Caitlin Hansen, Lynn Fischer, Jed Johnson, Priya Baraniak, Behzad Mahdavi, Taciana Pereira, Michael Hadjisavas, Shannon Eaker, Cameron Miller

SCTM Manufacturing Papers

Breanna S. Borys Tania So James Colter Tiffany Dang Erin L. Roberts Tamas Revay Leila Larijani Roman Krawetz Ian Lewis Bob Argiropoulos Derrick E. Rancourt Sunghoon Jung Yas Hashimura Brian Lee Michael S. Kallos

Sandra Petrus‐Reurer Pankaj Kumar Sara Padrell Sánchez Monica Aronsson Helder André Hammurabi Bartuma Alvaro Plaza Reyes Emeline F. Nandrot Anders Kvanta Fredrik Lanner

Cheryl Lee, Cathal D. O'Connell, Carmine Onofrillo, Peter F. M. Choong, Claudia Di Bella, Serena Duchi

Joshua G. Hunsberger, Thomas Shupe, Anthony Atala

Priyanka Gupta, Gabriella Nilsson Hall, Liesbet Geris, Frank P. Luyten, Ioannis Papantoniou