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Mammalian Regeneration

Inducing Neurophysiological Recovery of the Post-mortem Mammalian Brain

A novel approach restores and maintains microcirculation and cellular viability in the brain of a large animal model after a prolonged post-mortem interval

Is an Extracellular Matrix Component the Key to Adult Cardiac Regeneration?

A new study finds that the extracellular matrix component Agrin promotes adult cardiac regeneration in a mouse model of heart disease

New Study Describes how Macrophages Mediate Tissue Remodeling

A new study indicates that macrophages promote contact between distant non-immune color-bearing cells to control tissue remodeling

How a Little Activity can Boost CNS Regeneration

A new study shows that stimulating neuronal activity may lead to enhanced central nervous system regeneration

TREEs – Tissue Regeneration Branches-out into Mammals?

Researchers studying Zebrafish discover a genetic element which controls regenerative responses and show how this may be introduced into mammalian system to boost regeneration.

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