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Mesenchymal Stem Cells



New Functional Marker Gets the Most from MSCs

The identification of a marker which is lost as mesenchymal stem cells enter senescence could be applied to improve their therapeutic worth

Boosting Angiogenesis via MSC-Derived Exosomes

In a new study, researchers use proteomic approaches to discover how mesenchymal stem cells-derived exosomes modulate angiogenesis

Mesenchymal Stem Cells Aid Prostate Surgery Recovery

Researchers demonstrate that tissue damage repair by human MSCs may be an interesting strategy for the treatment of human prostate cancer patients

Rejuvenating Old Stem Cells – miRNA KO is the Way?

Researchers discover that inhibiting the expression of a specific micro-RNA can rejuvenate mesenchymal stem cells

Combination Therapy Proves Effective in Brain Injury Treatment

A small molecule inhibitor combined with MSCs may provide a safe and effective treatment for the consequences of traumatic brain injury

Studying the Effect of Diabetes on Cardiac Therapy Relevant Stem Cells

New research assesses the effect of weight-related disease on the therapeutic potential of stem cells

Studying MSC-Based Neuroprotection to Generate Cell-Free Therapies?

Researchers discover that TIMP3 release from MSCs can reduce the neurocognitive decline observed after traumatic brain injury

Improving Culture Conditions to Boost hMSC Therapeutic Potential

Studies into cell density and consequent metabolic alterations may enhance the clinical potential of human mesenchymal stem cells.

Boosting Repair by Getting Stem Cells out of their Trap?

Researchers discover a potential means to enhance the therapeutic potential of MSCs by inhibiting their entrapment in the lungs.

MSCs: An Effective Remedy for Aging?

A new study in a rat model suggests that infusions of MSCs could counteract many of the signs of normal aging.


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