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Adipose Stem Cells



Exploring ASC Treatment for Diabetes-related Vascular Damage

New research suggests that NOTCH2 expression in adipose stem cells promotes their ability to treat the vascular damage associated with diabetes

Investigating Adipose-derived Cells as a Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

A new study investigates the great potential of adipose-derived cells as a novel treatment strategy for the autoimmune neurodegenerative disease Multiple Sclerosis

Pilot Study for Stem Cell Treatment of Breast cancer-related Lymphedema

A pilot study indicates that adipose-derived regenerative cell transplantation may represent an efficient treatment for breast cancer-related lymphedema

Can a Little Stimulation improve ATDPC-based Cardiovascular Repair Strategies?

Combined electrical and mechanical stimulation enhances cardiac progenitor-based repair strategies following heart attack

Stromal Vascular Fraction - A New Means to Battle Severe Multiple Sclerosis?

A new study shows how the stromal vascular fraction of adipose tissue may represent an exciting new way to treat the symptoms of severe multiple sclerosis

Low Oxygen = Better Outlook for ASC-based Therapies?

Researchers demonstrate that the application of low oxygen concentrations may make adipose stem cell-based therapies safer and more effective

First-in-Man Study - SVF Cells for Bone Fracture Healing Works!

New research suggests that treatment with the stromal vascular fraction of adipose tissue may represent an exciting means to repair bone fractures

LncRNA Loss gives hASCs a Bone Boost!

New research finds a link between lncRNA expression and the bone-forming potential of hASCs under inflammatory conditions

Trialing Stem Cell Combination Therapy for Bone Regeneration

A new trial suggests that adipose stem cells combined with calcium phosphate carriers may be a successful strategy to enhance bone regeneration

Getting ASCs to Stick Around with Magnets!

Researchers describe how magnetics can help the retention of adipose stem cells in the heart and improve treatment of myocardial infarction


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